Charlotte Willer

Color Drench

For subtle color with an eye-catching sheen, use Eye Studio® Color Gleam™ Cream Eyeshadow in Rose Revolution. Using your finger, dab the lighter peach shade onto lid, from the inner corner to the brow bone. Follow by applying medium rose shade across the lid and into outer crease, blending as you go. Dab darkest shade along upper lash line, as you would a liner for extra definition.

Wet Kiss

For luscious, high shine lips, apply Color Sensational® Lipgloss in Cranberry Cocktail liberally over the lip. Directly apply the tip of the gloss over the center of your lip, and then use your fingertip to soften. The extra shine adds to the youthful, fresh look!


Dream Mousse® Blush gives cheeks a fresh, dewy look without getting you soaked. Using your fingertips, pat a small amount of blush in Rose Petal onto the apples of your cheeks. Blend gently, from cheekbone to your temple, for a natural, radiant look.

Sun 'N Rain

Add light and a little shimmer to the look with Mineral Power™ Illuminator. Using a medium brush, sweep upwards onto your cheekbone, making sure you cover from lower to upper cheek. Dust over entire face for extra shine!
StormyCharlotte Willer
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