Subtle Chic Green

Charlotte Willer

Technique: Dry

Start by brushing the lightest shade onto lid with the applicator, sweeping color from the inner corner upward towards the brow bone. This will be your base for the look.

Build a Base

Next apply the darkest shade close to the lash line, creating a liner effect along the upper lid. Now dip brush into the brightest shade of the palette and apply to the outer half of the lid. Blend with the tip of the brush to create a spectrum of smooth, rich color.

Add Accents

Accent the look by first applying the darkest shade to the lower lash line, drawing a soft line from the middle of the eye to the outer corner. Use the lightest shade in the palette to go from the inner corner out, meeting the darker shade in the middle of the eye for maximum contrast. Add additional highlights by dabbing the lighter shade along the inner corner of the eye.

Soften and Blend

Use your fingers to blend edges and create a soft, shimmery effect. To make your eyes really pop, add the light shade in the middle of the lid with the flat side of the brush.

Complete The Look

A bit of XXL 24HR Bold™ Mascara in Very Black and a dab of Shine Sensational™ lipgloss complete the look. Subtle, chic eyes and high-shine lips make this one a keeper!
Subtle Chic GreenCharlotte Willer
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