Outside The Lines

Charlotte Willer

First Strokes

Charlotte starts the look with Line Express™ Eyeliner, applying color to lids with the pencil tip and blending with her fingers. For added dimension and luminosity, she applies Eye Studio® Color Pearls™ Marbleized Eyeshadow in Khaki Craze as a second layer with a small flat brush.

Outside The Lines

Using Line Stiletto® Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner, start at the inner corner of lid and line along the upper lashes following the contour of your eye. Continue line outside eye area as a natural extension or exaggerated cat eye. If your muse is calling, add embellishments and other flourishes. Make line thicker for added drama. Lash Stiletto® Voluptuous® finishes the step.

Inside the Lines

Fill in brows with Define-A-Brow® Pencil using thin, hair-like strokes. Then blend color and use comb to groom brows, creating an even, defined look. Strong brows are a great frame for our work!

Finishing Touches

A few subtle last touches complete the look. Here Charlotte uses Mineral Power™ Illuminator to add definition and luminosity to the cheekbone. A dab of light color on the lips, and our work of art is complete!

Outside The LinesCharlotte Willer
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