Provocative Plum

Charlotte Willer

Fresh Attitude

For a fresh, flawless canvas, start with Maybelline’s Mineral Power™Natural Perfecting Concealer. Dot a small amount under eyes and over blemishes to cover any imperfections, gently blending with fingertips. Top off with a dusting of Mineral Power™ Illuminator to brighten up your complexion with a sheer shimmer.

The Perfect Edge

Strong brows give this look an extra edge. Using our Define-A-Brow® Eyebrow Pencil, fill in brows with thin, hair-like strokes. Then blend color and use the comb to groom brows, creating an even, defined look. For a stronger, rock ‘n roll look, fill in more color for a heavier brow.

Smoky Stare

For that sultry, understated stare, use Eye Studio® Color Plush™ Silk Eyeshadow in Pink Persuasion. Sweep the lightest shade onto your entire eye, and blend the second shade onto the full lid. Sweep the thirds shade to outer lid and line with the darkest shade. Add a coat of Lash Stiletto Voluptuous® Mascara for shiny lashes.

Electric Color

Make a statement with Color Sensational® Lipcolor in Plum Paradise. With Expert Tools™ Lip Brush, follow the contour of your lip from corner to corner in small strokes, filling in color as you go. Rich, sensational color. Guaranteed to provoke!
Provocative PlumCharlotte Willer
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