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  1. maybelline-eyeliner-gallery-night-out-look-3x4


    Add a little color to your next night out with this Blue Green Liner Look, a new twist on a classic wing look. Our Lasting Drama Gel Pencil in Lustrous Sapphire & Glossy Emerald make your eyes the bright spot of any night.

  2. maybelline-eyeliner-gallery-wedding-look-3x4


    This All Around Wing Look is a perfect way to dial up any wedding look. Be the mysterious guest that everyone wants to know more about after you easily master this look with our Master Precise Curvy Liquid Liner.

  3. maybelline-eyeliner-gallery-everyday-look-3x4


    This classic Wing Look is a great go to when you want an everyday look that never gets boring. Our Master Precise Ink Pen lets you easily create this look that you can consider your new favorite staple.

  4. maybelline-eyeliner-gallery-black-tie-look-3x4


    Give your next black tie look a smokey, glamorous edge with this stunning Smokey Eye Liner Look. Wow them with eyes that shout volumes when you create this look with ease with our Lasting Drama Gel Pencil.

  5. maybelline-eyeliner-gallery-office-look-3x4


    When you want to subtly enhance your eye with minimal product and effort, this Natural Liner Look is clutch. Our Unstoppable Eyeliner lets you create this look easily, to get you into work on time!

  6. maybelline-eyeliner-gallery-prom-look-3x4


    For a look they won't soon forget, walk into your prom rocking this Thick Wing Liner Look. Dial up any prom dress and show off your fierce style with this look, easily created with our Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner.

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