Whether you're going for a fresh, dewy look, or a smooth, matte finish if you have oily skin, we have something for you. 8-in-1 benefits ensure you're going to have a good skin day, every day no matter your skin type.

To us, the BB in BB Cream stands for Beautifying Balm. Some other terms used are blemish balm or bag balm. It's fitting that such a multi-purpose product has more than one meaning to its name. Because that's what it does! At its heart, BB cream is a face makeup product that is a hybrid of skincare and makeup. Instead of having to use a separate moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation, you can get all of those benefits—coverage, hydration and SPF—with one BB cream. Our Dream Fresh BB Cream has a whopping 8 benefits in one tube: Hydrates. Protects with SPF 30. Brightens. Blurs imperfections. Smoothes. Enhances. Oil-free and without any heavy ingredients. And if you're concerned about shine and breakouts our Dream Pure BB Cream has a bonus ingredient of Salicylic Acid for clear skin. Use BB cream daily if you'd like. Reapply as needed throughout the day for coverage, or after about 6 hours or so for continued SPF coverage. There really is no one “best” BB cream. It depends on you, your skin type and what you’re looking for from it. Dream Pure BB Cream is great for oily skin, while Dream Fresh BB Cream looks amazing on drier skins that need a boost of hydration. No, BB Cream does not clog pores—as long as you choose one that says it's non-comedogenic. Our Dream Pure BB Cream has 2% salicylic acid in it to keep pores clear and unclogged. Apply Maybelline BB Cream on your face with your fingers or a sponge, as you would a regular moisturizer. A dime sized amount at a time will be plenty to cover your whole face. To apply BB Cream for oily skin, simply smooth it on with your fingers, like you would any other lightweight cream or foundation. Dream Pure BB Cream is a skincare-makeup hybrid that clears acne and takes care of oily-skin needs without treating it like a high-coverage situation. This light-coverage formula gives skin a smooth, even glow. We estimate about 6-8 hours depending on your skin type, climate and activity level. Because of the silky, light texture of BB Cream, it’s not as long-wearing as say, foundation. But feel free to pair it with a face powder on top to extend the wear the same way you do with foundation! No, we don’t recommend you skip moisturizer altogether in favor of BB Cream. Think of BB Cream as an additional layer you wear on skin to get boosted hydration and skincare-like benefits. BB creams provide a light, luminous tint to skin, giving it an even glow and reducing redness, but won't cover blemishes or discoloration like a foundation would.