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Maybelline's lip gloss selection offers more than just a flashy finish. You can get fuller looking lips and lasting hydration all in one drugstore lip gloss. And when it comes to the best long-lasting lip gloss, ours goes the distance. From pink lip gloss to nude lip gloss to clear lip gloss, we have all the trending lip gloss colors you'll ever need. (We even have glitter lip gloss!) Ready to see for yourself?

Fun fact: So, lipstick was first invented thousands of years ago by intrepid glamazons who wanted to add a kick of color to their lips while mastering fire and creating civilization, but did you know that now-ubiquitous lip gloss wasn't invented until 1930? That's right, until movie makeup genius Max Factor realized that a sexy wet-sheen on lips enhanced mouths of all sizes and shapes, women of the world existed without it.

Today, lip gloss is one of the top selling makeup categories in the world, and has spawned a million variations. Tinted, plumping, long-lasting, flavored, shimmery... the list goes on. As a general rule, the thicker and shinier the lip gloss, the "stickier" it will be. Softer, more balm-like formulas give a more natural sheen, but also wear off easier. Tinted lip glosses add a touch of color to lips as well, though not at much as lipstick.

The latest formulas are made with skincare-like enhancements to hydrate and benefit lips. Our new Lifter Lip Gloss Makeup is infused with hyaluronic acid which visibly smoothes lips and enhances lip contours for plumped, fuller-looking lips.

Confused on the difference between lip gloss and lip balm? Lip balm is a hybrid of makeup and skincare. It adds a sheen to lips—sometimes clear, sometimes with a hint of pretty tint—but is also formulated to nourish and hydrate dry, chapped lips. It will provide a subtle shine to lips, but won't be "glossy" per se. Lip gloss is pure makeup, a shiny, reflective topcoat that makes lips look wet and gleamy. However our Lifter Lip Gloss does have the extra addition of hydrating hyaluronic acid which helps to add healthy moisture. Some people get confused about the differences between these two products, so let's clear up any confusion: Lip gloss is different from liquid lipstick, though their packaging tends to look similar. Whereas liquid lipstick is a creamy color that you apply with a wand to shade in lips, lip gloss is an ultra-shiny clear or tinted topcoat that you can wear alone or over lipstick. This is a 24/7 kind of product. Apply it any time you want to look more polished. You can also layer lip gloss over your favorite lipstick, lip stain or lip pencil to add multi-dimensional shine and moisture. People LOVE shiny things and lip gloss imparts that subtle textural pop. And whereas lipstick can go wrong in a variety of ways—unflattering color, dry texture, smudging, fading—lip gloss is super simple to use and hard to get wrong.