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lip liner

Maybelline's precise and long-lasting lip liners provide a perfect start to your lip look. Line the edges or color in your entire pout in nudes, pinks, reds, and plums.

When it comes to finding the best lip liner, price doesn't matter. A drugstore find is as worthy as a department store find. People love Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liners because they go on smooth and precise, deliver rich, long lasting color and sometimes look more natural than lipsticks. Nude lip liners are a great, gorgeous base for any lip color you apply on top of it. The key is to stay away from any that are too pale or too flesh-toned. The best ones are 2-3 shades deeper than your natural lip tone. This ensures they'll enhance and shape your lips in a way that's super-natural, but also flattering. Black lip liner is FIERCE. It's also very much its own thing. Pair it with black lipstick if you're feeling that kind of mood, or it also works well with a pure red lipstick, adding a touch of vampy darkness to the tone. Just make sure you blend the lipstick and liner together well with a lip brush, so there's no line of demarcation. Lip liner and lip gloss are a match made in heaven, an equal balance of color and shine. Remember to not just line your lips, but fill them in with color as well before topping with gloss. Lip liner provides a solid, tacky base for lipstick, balm or gloss to adhere to and also shapes lips beautifully in a way lipstick on its own just can't. That said, no. You don't need to use it. Just do what looks good, is easy to use and makes you feel pretty and powerful! Yes! In fact a lot of people do. Whereas lipstick can look very different between the color in the tube and the color on your lips, lip liner is pretty true on lips, always. Its formula is a bit drier than lipstick though, so you might want to top it with a bit of lip balm to avoid pruney lips. This technique generally works best when you use a pinky-nude lip liner shade, a few tones deeper than your natural lip color. This is a great lip liner trick to employ--but don't go overboard. Simply, outline the shape of your lips ever so slightly outside your natural lip line, then fill in lips with pencil as well. Top with the lipstick of your choice, blot and you're done.