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Brush With Chaos

Come perfectly undone with the disorganized eyelash trend that’s taking summer makeup by storm. Get bold with Master Precise Ink Pen eyeliner. Embrace chaos with Colossal Chaotic Lash mascara.

  1. maybelline-tip-eye-how-to-chaotic-mascara-lashes-makeup-tutorial_1

    Create a dark wing with Master Precise Ink Pen eyeliner.

  2. maybelline-tip-eye-how-to-chaotic-mascara-lashes-makeup-tutorial_2

    Brush lashes upward with Colossal Chaotic Mascara for big volume.

  3. maybelline-tip-eye-how-to-chaotic-mascara-lashes-makeup-tutorial_3

    Sweep the mascara brush across lashes for a sexy, disorganized look.

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