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Dare To Go Nude

Set those summer nights on fire with smokey plum eyeshadow. Get this rad makeup look with the Blushed Nudes palette and go get lost on a dance floor.

  1. maybelline-tip-eye-how-to-blushed-nudes-palette-smoky-plum-makeup-tutorial_1

    Apply shade 1 up to your inner crease.

  2. maybelline-tip-eye-how-to-blushed-nudes-palette-smoky-plum-makeup-tutorial_2

    Apply shade 2 all over eyelid, blending into shade 1.

  3. maybelline-tip-eye-how-to-blushed-nudes-palette-smoky-plum-makeup-tutorial_3

    Line eyes along lower lash line with shade 3.

  4. maybelline-tip-eye-how-to-blushed-nudes-palette-smoky-plum-makeup-tutorial_4

    Use shade 3 to darken corners and connect lower lash line.

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