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It’s that time of year for nights of mischief and costume parties — and making an artistic statement with Halloween face makeup is your best accessory. Turn heads (plus rule the costume contest) with Maybelline looks from skull makeup, to post- apocalyptic zombie makeup, to grunge makeup featuring the fiercest red lipstick.



Last-minute costume? We'll never tell. Create instantly pulled-together Halloween makeup looks with Maybelline. Transform into a superhero-slash-goddess, try Black Swan makeup - or go ahead - design your own party looks with endless ways to mix, match and play. Get your makeup tips & tricks for the spookiest season and costume parties all year long, right here.

Introducing our latest makeup crush: Color Sensational® Matte Metallics metallic lipstick in bold NEW shades that stay put. Use these long-lasting lipstick shades to create witchy lip looks, rainbow makeup that’s completely magical (hi, unicorns) or a colorful take on skulls with Day of the Dead makeup. Maybelline Matte Metallics are your move.

Plus, for every bad witch there’s a good witch. Create dreamy makeup for Halloween with Facestudio® Master Fairy Highlight rainbow highlighter, your portable powder compact for an everyday glow and special occasions alike. This shimmering rainbow highlighter lets you play pixie whether it’s for fairy makeup or sexy Halloween makeup with a halo on top.

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