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Bold lips are back. With Maybelline’s new Loaded Bolds lip color collection, you have 20 shades of vibrant color to play with. But why stop there? Mixing, matching and layering your lipsticks lets you expand your makeup palette into enviable territory. That’s why layering is the must-know trick for every self-confessed lip junkie.

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    To make this trend work for you, start with clean, bare lips. Gently exfoliate any dry skin by lightly rubbing your lips with a damp washcloth. 
    **PRO TIP:** To smooth out wrinkles or fine lines and create a budge proof canvas, prep your lips with your favorite clear primer — like Maybelline’s Face Studio Master Primer.

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    Using Loaded Bolds ‘Dynamite Red’, carefully swipe a single-stroke of color across your lips for an opaque pop of red. Be sure to use the edge of the lipstick to define your perfect pout. 
     **PRO TIP:** Top the first stroke of lip color with a matching red liner — like Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Liner in Red. Carefully define the curvature of the upper lip, and shade in the outer corners of the bottom lip. This will keep the color in place all day, while providing added fullness and dimension.

  3. maybelline-lip-loaded-bolds-how-to-layer-lipstick-boldly-tutorial-step3-3X4


    Swipe on a coat of Loaded Bolds ‘Pitch Black’ for a darker, bolder shade.
     **PRO TIP:** Press lips lightly together to blend.

  4. maybelline-lip-loaded-bolds-how-to-layer-lipstick-boldly-tutorial-step4-3X4


    Gently blot the color by pressing a tissue to your lips. Don’t put the tissue between your lips and press down because that will make your lipstick wear off unevenly. 
     **PRO TIP:** Dab a bit of highlighter on your Cupids Bow, to enhance the natural curvature of your perfect pout.

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