Looking for concealer makeup that does it all? Look no further than to Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer. With Instant Age Rewind Hydrating Face Concealer, you’re just a click away from flawless-looking skin. Whether you want to conceal, contour, correct, or highlight, this hydrating concealer with the sponge-tip applicator has got you covered, literally! This concealer for dry skin gives up to 12 hours of moisturizing wear for crease-resistant coverage.

Find your perfect shade then discover where to put concealer and just some of the things this workaholic can do  from our Babellines:


CONCEAL dark circles under eyes for a smooth and seamless look. Simply swipe Instant Age Rewind concealer directly to the under-eye area and pat with fingers to blend in an outward motion. Voila, dark circles are gone with this best undereye concealer!


Learn how to cover up dark circles and brighten up your face from Babelline, Sabrina Khan


CONTOUR and shade for a more defined look. Use Instant Age Rewind in a shade darker than your skin to contour your cheeks, jawline, nose, and more. Then use your fingers or a makeup brush and smooth evenly. Who knew getting a sculpted look with this contouring concealer is so easy?!


Learn how to contour your face from Babelline, Sophia LeVaughn


CORRECT blemished, uneven-looking skin by dabbing Instant Age Rewind concealer to problem areas and pat gently with fingers to even and smooth. Then swipe desired areas for instant highlights. Now go and enjoy 12 hours of moisturizing wear and crease-resistant coverage.

Correct & Highlight

Learn how to instantly correct and highlight from Babelline, Marista Moore
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