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Everything you need to know about Clear Brow Gel Mascara

  • Let’s be clear; we love eyebrows and everything that comes with grooming them! Eyebrow grooming is an important, although often overlooked, step in your beauty routine. Using an effective brow gel mascara is a quick and easy way to tame your brows for a clean and flawless look. And if you prefer to groom and shape your eyebrows without adding color a good clear brow gel mascara is a perfect choice. So, what does clear brow gel mascara do exactly? Let Maybelline New York help you discover everything you need to know about clear brow gel mascara. Let’s begin!

  • What is clear brow gel mascara?

    Clear brow gel mascara is an invisible brush-on formula for taming eyebrows of every shape and shade.

  • What is clear brow gel mascara used for?

    Clear brow gel mascara is used to help smooth and groom brow hairs, locking them into shape without adding color. Think of it as the ultimate enhancer for your already beautiful-looking eyebrows. Try a waterproof clear brow gel mascara and eyebrow shaper in one!

  • What are the benefits of using clear brow gel mascara?

    Clear brow gel mascara helps set, define and hold brow hairs in place for a clean, sleek look. Using clear brow gel mascara as part of your makeup routine is a quick and easy way to get perfect-looking eyebrows without extra color!

  • How Do You Use Clear Brow Gel Mascara?

    For best results, as the last step in your eyebrow makeup routine, brush clear brow gel mascara into your brows with short upward strokes.

  • What should I look for in a clear brow gel mascara?

    Aside from an effective formula, a clear brow gel mascara should have a fine brush that precisely tames and shapes brows without hassle. Reach for the clear brow gel mascara like Brow Fast Sculpt, a clear brow gel mascara that features a mini sculpting brush. It’s one of the best drugstore clear brow gel mascaras you can buy for all-day naturally sculpted brows.

  • Can you use clear mascara on eyebrows?

    Although both clear mascara and brow gel can be used to groom eyebrows, clear brow gel mascara—with its unique brush and gel formula—keeps eyebrows tame and in shape all day long.

  • TIP:

    Not sure where to begin with your eyebrows? Discover Maybelline New York’s Eyebrow Shape Simulator and virtually try on different brow shapes and products to find the perfect brow look for you!

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