What’s a Skin Tint and How Do You Use It?

When it comes to makeup, there’s a lot to learn about. Techniques, products, formulations, and the list goes on. In terms of complexion, there are the usuals: concealer and foundation (do you know the difference?) along with color correctors, BB creams, and more. But, the latest base product to set the makeup world abuzz is a skin tint. Maybelline is here to break down everything you need to know about the ultra-lightweight, skin-loving formula and how it can fit into your routine.

What is a skin tint?

Technically, it falls under the umbrella of “foundation,” because it’s meant to be used all over your face, but it offers much lighter coverage than a traditional foundation. In the same way that there are toners, oils, serums, moisturizers, rich creams, etc. that vary in weight and texture in skincare, there is a hierarchy in makeup. Skin tints are the thinnest, so they would be the lightest weight in comparison to a full coverage foundation, which would be the thickest.

Skin tints are perfect for someone who is looking for the most minimal coverage and a super natural-looking finish. If you’re a no-makeup makeup lover who prefers getting your glow from skincare rather than makeup, then a skin tint would be for you.

Some formulas even have skin-loving ingredients in them–Maybelline’s Super Stay 24-Hour Skin Tint has skin-brightening vitamin C in it– further proving the point that skin tints are a crossover between skincare and makeup. Other formulas might have SPF or additional benefits as well, allowing it to be your one-stop shop complexion product.

Skin Tint vs. Tinted Moisturizer

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, wait, there’s already a product like this and it’s called tinted moisturizer. You’re not entirely wrong. Skin tints aren’t that far off from tinted moisturizer, but they’re more so sisters or cousins than twins. Skin tints have a much more liquid consistency that feels similar to a serum, which makes sense why many of them come in dropper bottles like Maybelline’s does. It’s also common for skin tints to be formulated with skin-friendly ingredients, so they fall more in the realm of skincare while a tinted moisturizer is considered more of a makeup product.

How to use it for a lightweight makeup look

If all you want to do is even out your skin a tiny bit, then using a skin tint is the way to go. Follow the steps below for a super simple no-makeup makeup look with Maybelline’s Super Stay 24-Hour Skin Tint.

1. Prep and Prime
Because skin tints are so lightweight and offer such little coverage, your own skin will get to show through much more, so make sure you’re prepping it well with skincare. Spritzing first with a dewy mist like Face studio Glass Spray will help boost your natural glow, too.

2. Get Even
Shake your Super Stay 24-Hour Skin Tint, then dispense a few drops onto your fingers before smoothing it over your face. Using your fingers will give you the most natural look because the formula will melt seamlessly into your skin thanks to the warmth of your hands. For more of a flawless finish, you can use a damp beauty sponge. Should you want to cover any discoloration, you might want to use a concealer, but for this look, it’s really about letting your natural complexion shine. You can also add on a few extra drops of your skin tint if needed– it layers beautifully.

3. Add Some Color
On cheeks, dab some of the Cheek Heat Gel Cream Blush– because it’s liquid, it plays super well with the fluid skin tint formula. Tap any leftover product onto your nose to create a natural sun-kissed appearance.

4. Keep it Natural
You don’t want to overpower your clean skin aesthetic, so keep things simple with a few swipes of Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara in Brownish Black.

5. Pucker Up
Leave the bold, heavily pigmented shades for another time, opting for a high-shine lip gloss like Lifter Gloss in Sun, instead. Its golden flecks add some dimension for fuller-looking lips.


Super Stay Up to 24HR Skin Tint delivers buildable light-to-medium coverage for a skin-like finish and a natural, radiant look.