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They say: “always know your angles.” We say: “define them yourself.” Here’s how, with Maybelline Brow Define And Fill Duo. Get in on this easy step-by-step makeup tutorial.

  1. maybelline-tip-eye-how-to-brow-define-and-fill-duo-makeup-tutorial_1-3x4

    Define the outline of your brow with the pencil. Starting from the inner brow to the tail.

  2. maybelline-tip-eye-how-to-brow-define-and-fill-duo-makeup-tutorial_2-3x4

    Draw short outward strokes using the pencil starting from the inner brow to the tail.

  3. maybelline-tip-eye-how-to-brow-define-and-fill-duo-makeup-tutorial_3-3x4

    Using the side of the sponge, apply powder in an upward and outward strokes towards the inner brow.

  4. maybelline-tip-eye-how-to-brow-define-and-fill-duo-makeup-tutorial_4-3x4

    Fill in the tail of the brow with the sponge tip and flaunt em'!

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