This festival season, we’re singing a different, brighter tune – today’s “top hit” is glow stick glam, after all! With bright color eyeshadow, neon-inspired gel eyeliner, and an ultra-glittery lip gloss, you’ll have everyone raving about your raver-inspired look!

Own It In Orange

Use an orange eyeshadow look as the starting point for your raver-inspired festival makeup look. Swipe “I AM POWERFUL” over your eyelid starting from the inner corner of the lid and moving to the outer edge.
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    Color Tattoo® Eye Stix Up to 24HR Wear Shadow, Liner, Primer
    I am Powerful
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Add Tattoo Color Intensity

Create a cool eyeliner style with ultra-intense color! Use the Tattoo Studio Sharpenable Gel Pencil to draw a line along your crease towards the outer corners of your eye. Opt for “Rich Amethyst” to get the neon eyeliner effect.
  • Tattoo Studio® Sharpenable Gel Pencil Longwear Eyeliner Makeup
    Rich Amethyst
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Better Than A One-Liner

How to put eyeliner on the bottom of your eye without it smudging or fading when tears of joy stream down your face (hello, Beyoncé just took the stage)?! Use our longwear, waterproof eyeliner that lasts for up to 36 hours! Cry on!

Lip Sync In Longwear

Opt for a longwear lipstick for a flawless matte finish that lasts up to 16 hours, rain or shine. Poet is the perfect sultry, yet slightly understated shade to complement your ultra-bright eye makeup look.
  • Super Stay Matte Ink® Liquid Lipstick
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