If you’re somebody who wants your foundation to last (and honestly, who doesn’t?), you’ve come to the right place. To help, Maybelline New York has a perfect match for every preference. Read on to find the longwear foundation that best fits your skin type and coverage needs, then head over to the Foundation Shade Finder to get your best color match.

  1. The Best Longwear Foundation for Full Coverage: Superstay Longwear Liquid Foundation

    With up to 30 hours of wear, the SuperStay Longwear Foundation is a go-to for brides and anyone who wants a flawless, full coverage finish that won’t budge. In addition to lasting on your skin, it’s also transfer-proof, water-proof and sweat-proof, so it’ll stand up to whatever your day throws at you.

    Super Stay® Longwear Liquid Foundation
  2. The Best Longwear Foundation for Medium Coverage: Dream Radiant Liquid Hydrating Foundation

    If you’re after a formula that doesn’t feel like too much or too little coverage, the Dream Hydrating Foundation falls right in the middle. It gives skin a healthy, luminous finish and actually imparts a natural plumping effect thanks to hyaluronic acid and collagen that deliver 12 hours of hydration.

    Dream Radiant Liquid®
  3. The Best Longwear Foundation for Light Coverage: SuperStay Skin Tint

    For those days that you want your skin to look natural, but still cover any subtle discoloration, you’ll love the SuperStay Skin Tint. It offers just enough coverage and unlike some other lightweight foundations, this 24 hour formula won’t disappear on you. It also packs skin-loving Vitamin C for brightening benefits.

    Super Stay® Up to 24HR Skin Tint
  4. The Best Longwear Foundation for Oily Skin: SuperStay Hybrid Powder Foundation Makeup

    If you have oily skin, the number one thing to look for is a foundation with a matte finish tol absorb oil. Thanks to its unique performance of a liquid in powder form, the SuperStay Hybrid Powder Foundation reduces shine without making you appear flat or dull, plus it lasts for 24 hours.

    Super Stay® Up To 24Hr
  5. The Best Longwear Foundation for Combination Skin: Dream Urban Cover

    Combo skin is pretty flexible, so it’s more about finding a texture that you love. In general, Dream Urban Cover is a good one for everyday wear because it has a generous SPF 50, plus pollution-fighting power, so that your combination skin is covered.

    Dream Urban Cover®

Longwear foundation has more staying power than other foundation formulas. “It is designed specifically to be worn for extended periods of time,” explains Jenna Kristina, a Maybelline New York makeup artist. Some people may prefer having a guaranteed longwear finish daily, so that touch-ups aren’t necessary while others might prefer to reserve longwear formulas for special occasions only. “Most long-wear foundations also typically have fewer oils,” adds Kristina, which allows for them to grip the skin better and not slide off, which is something to take into account for your skin type and coverage preference. There’s not much of a difference in the way you apply a longwear foundation in comparison to other formulas. Kristina recommends applying it in the same way, whether that’s with a sponge, brush, or your fingers. If you’re looking for a fuller coverage finish, it can be helpful to use a brush for a more targeted application, which allows for layering if needed. Kristina says that longwear foundations typically offer great coverage, but you may still want to use a concealer to brighten or cover imperfections. Think: under the eyes, around the nose and on the chin, which tend to have more discoloration and redness. An added layer of SuperStay Longwear Liquid Concealer in addition to your longwear foundation can ensure a more even tone over all. For added security that your makeup isn’t going anywhere, using a setting spray is a great idea, although it’s not required. Kristina likes to use Maybelline Lasting Fix Setting Spray “to add another layer of hydration and to give skin a matte finish.” It may take a little extra time to take off your longwear foundation in comparison to other formulas, but that’s only because it’s meant to withstand more. In most cases, a double cleanse with a micellar water or balm cleanser followed by your regular facial cleanser will get the job done. Skin prep is always key if you want your makeup to look its best. Kristina says, “it’s important to take the time to massage in your toner, serum and moisturizer until the skin gets nice and plump,” before applying your foundation. She adds that doing this can actually help your foundation adhere better and last longer. And because longwear formulas can contain less oils, it’s important to keep skin moisturized after you cleanse, so be sure to follow-up your removal routine with a hydrating serum and moisturizer.