Everything You Need to Know About the Coquette Makeup Trend

Break out the blush and lay on the liner.
This winter, it’s all about hyper-feminine beauty looks. Think: Barbiecore, balletcore and all things pink. Falling under this über girly fashion and beauty umbrella is the coquette makeup look. Defined as “a woman who flirts,” the coquette style has a romantic vibe to it and embodies the Tumblr aesthetic of the early 2010’s. The more blush, the better. This powder and pink-focused look is perfect for winter when complexions tend to be paler and cheeks are constantly flushed from the colder temps. So, set the neutral browns aside and read on for tips on how to create this nostalgic winter makeup look.

Coquette Makeup Trend

Break out the blush and lay on the liner.
Like the girls leading the charge for coquette makeup (Sydney Sweeney’s character, Cassie, from Euphoria, Lana Del Ray and Anya Taylor-Joy come to mind), it’s important to cater to a soft, powdery palette. To mimic smooth skin– similar to that of a doll’s– start with a full coverage foundation like SuperStay Full Coverage Powder Foundation. Use as little or as much as you need to achieve a porcelain-like finish.

Knowing that blush is a major component of this look, pick one that you like the color and texture of. Pastels are a good option, but we love going all in with a bright bubblegum pink like Cheek Heat Gel Cream Blush in Pink Scorch. Squeeze some out onto the back of your hand and dip a big fluffy blush brush into the cream before applying it at your temples, onto your lids and down your cheekbones, then dab whatever’s left on your nose. The fluffier the brush, the more diffused the color will look, which is the goal with coquette makeup, says Ana Siguenza, a makeup artist in New York City.

“The only definition you will find in this trend is a little flick of liquid liner and doll-like lashes to widen the eyes,” says Siguenza. After drawing on your black cat eye with a longwear liner like Tattoo Studio Ink Pen Eyeliner, apply just one coat of Lash Sensational Sky High Waterproof Mascara to darken the lashes. Go in for another layer, but this time, focus only on the middle lashes (on the top and bottom), she instructs. Darker, more defined lashes in those areas will help create the wide-eyed Bambi effect.

Finish by dabbing on a pretty pink lipstick with your finger. “Pressing in the color will allow your lips to look soft, romantic and perfectly pouty,” Siguenza explains. We like SuperStay Ink Crayon Lipstick in Happy Birthday! because it has glitter, which not only adds dimension, but an air of whimsy, too.