10 Spring Makeup Looks to Try This Year

The sun is setting later, the temperature is getting warmer, and floral dresses are calling your name. This can only mean one thing– spring is upon us! And with the new season in full bloom, it’s only fitting to freshen up your makeup routine. Every spring calls for pastel shades, dewy skin, and a natural flush, but this year in particular, it’s all about embracing color in new and exciting ways, especially on your eyes and lips. For all of the spring makeup inspo you need, keep reading.

What are the Best Colors for Spring Makeup?

Pastels are always going to be big for spring– groundbreaking, we know. But, in particular, we’re seeing a lot of lavender, mint, and peach– the latter is Pantone’s color of the year, after all. But, that’s not to say that it’s all about soft pale shades; bold colors are also having their own moment. Red is extra hot this season as is cobalt blue and unexpectedly, super dark shades are on trend, too. So, don’t be surprised to see glimpses of traditional winter colors such as burgundy and oxblood.

10 Spring Makeup Look Ideas

maybelline spring makeup look natural


With spring cleaning top of mind, it’s only fitting to want to rock a fresh, natural makeup look. (Clean girl aesthetic isn’t gone!) To spotlight the beauty of natural skin, you’ll want to stick to lightweight formulas that allow your skin to shine through like Super Stay Skin Tint. Its skin-loving formula packs vitamin C for a brightening boost, promising to leave skin looking healthy and radiant. You don’t want to overdo it, so a dab of some Cheek Heat blush on your cheeks, a little Build-a-Brow to define your arches, and a few swipes of Great Lash mascara are all you need for an understated, yet polished everyday look.

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maybelline spring makeup look blushed and bronzed


Sunny days and sunkissed skin go together like PB& J. And a surefire way to achieve that vibe sans sun damage is with blush and bronzer. Take your fresh natural spring makeup look up a notch by adding extra Cheek Heat blush and extending it in a draping style so that it goes farther up your cheekbones. Then, grab a fluffy brush and swirl it in City Bronzer, sweeping it along your forehead and down your nose– where the sun would naturally hit– and then in backward “3” motions on both sides of your face. This technique creates a natural-looking contour below your cheekbones and along the jawline.

Cheek Heat® Gel-Cream Blush, Face Makeup

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maybelline spring makeup look pink lip gloss


If you want to incorporate a little more color without going too far out of your comfort zone, nothing says spring like a pop of pink on your lips. For a subtle touch of pink with a high-shine finish, go for a gloss like Lifter Gloss in Bubblegum. But if you want to pack a punch, opt for more pigment with a true lipstick like Super Stay Matte Ink in Romantic.

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maybelline spring makeup look red lip


Few things are as classic as a red lip, so there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. Especially with red being one of the top colors of the season– you can’t go wrong with a crimson lip. We love the combination of the patent leather texture and fire red color of Super Stay Vinyl Ink paired with an otherwise understated look of fresh skin using Super Stay Skin Tint and maybe a little feline flick on the eyes with Master Precise eyeliner.

Super Stay® Vinyl Ink Longwear Liquid Lipcolor

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maybelline spring makeup look glossy lips


Looking for a makeup look that feels fresh for spring and doesn’t take much time? Consider it found. We recommend a five-minute face method that requires just a few steps. Dab Instant Age Rewind concealer under the eyes and on any other dark spots to even out discoloration. Add some color to your cheeks with Cheek Heat blush and bulk up your brows with Build-a-Brow, then finish with Lifter Plump gloss. It’ll leave you with a beautiful shine, but most notably, a plumper pout thanks to its chili-pepper and Maxi-Lip-infused formula.

Lifter Plump™ Lip Plumping Gloss Makeup

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maybelline spring makeup look color mascara


Arguably one of our favorite trends is that of colorful mascara. Although colorful mascara can come across quite subtly, it’s such a fun and whimsical look– when you catch the light just right– that anyone can pull off. It’s an especially great option for someone who feels stuck in a makeup rut and isn’t looking to make a huge change. You can easily swap out your usual mascara for Lash Sensational Sky High in blue, burgundy, or even pink (maybe to match your outfit or complement your eye color), and voila, you’ll have a pep back in your step.

Lash Sensational Sky High® Washable Mascara Makeup

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maybelline spring makeup look colorful liner


Maybe you love a fresh, natural makeup look for during the day, but want to level up for a night out. That’s where a colorful eyeliner look comes in clutch. Glide the Master Precise eyeliner in Cobalt Blue or Emerald Green along your upper lash line to create a smooth line or wing that will instantly upgrade any makeup look. The ergonomic grip and precision tip make application a breeze while the longwear formula ensures a smudge-proof finish.

Master Precise® All Day Liquid Eyeliner Makeup

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maybelline spring makeup look cut crease eyeliner


If you like color and want to feel like an artist, a pastel cut crease eyeshadow look is going to be right up your alley. Choose your favorite shades of Eye Stix – we recommend I Am Inspired, I Am Giving and/or I Am Fearless for a combination of the peach, mint, and lavender shades that are trending for spring. To achieve the cut-crease effect, you’re going to want to concentrate one color in the crease of your lid and another color on the actual lid without blending them together too much, so that there’s a clear “cut” between the two.

Color Tattoo® Eye Stix Up to 24HR Wear Shadow, Liner, Primer

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maybelline spring makeup look neautral eyeshadow


Neutral lovers fear not, there’s a spring look you’ll love, too. Eye Stix come in a variety of colors and textures with the perfect nude and brown shades called I Am Confident and I Am Determined along with a few other neutrals including black and white. The crayon-like shadow stick acts as a primer, liner, and eye shadow all in one, allowing you to replace three steps in your routine. Plus, the easy-glide formula can be blended with your finger or a brush. For a super simple look that’ll get you out the door in no time, we like using one shade all over the lid and then a darker color on the upper and lower lash lines for definition. You can also smoke it out with a smudge brush for more of a sultry, smokey look.

Color Tattoo® Eye Stix Up to 24HR Wear Shadow, Liner, Primer

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maybelline spring makeup look blue eyeshadow


They say what once was old will become new again and with the popularity of blue eye shadow, you would think we were back in the ’80s. But, we love a healthy dose of nostalgia, made modern. Using Color Stix in I Am Extravagant, create an allover blue base on your lid and smudge it out with your finger for a lived-in look. This shade has the perfect amount of shimmer, so it catches the light and calls attention to your eyes without overpowering them. To balance out your colorful lid, be sure to load your lashes with lots of Great Lash mascara, or for an even more vibrant look, pair your blue lids with blue lashes courtesy of Lash Sensational Sky High in Blue Mist.

Color Tattoo® Eye Stix Up to 24HR Wear Shadow, Liner, Primer

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